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I dealt with Tony Minnis & Elaine Cooper - who were outstanding in their work and delivering an honest and update service to me as a potential customer. Very professional and a total genuine service delivery from survey through to processing. I felt very comfortable with these two individuals who are a great asset to the organisation. They kept their promises with updates and were very efficient with all their efforts.
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Provided detailed information on the service I would receive and talked me through the process from offer to completion, answering any number of questions I had. Whilst the offer was below market value, when taking account of estate agent and solicitors fees I would have paid going down the traditional estate agent route, it was a fair offer I could work with.
I have been very pleased with the service I have received from property rescue the staff have been very helpful,friendly & are able to mSke you feel at ease during the process of the transaction from the very start.
Hi there I met Tony Minnis through property rescue and from the word go, we connected. His interpersonal skills are second to none and what was really good (although he has done this a million times before) was extremely patient with what could be deemed as repetitive questions but he patiently and explained all making sure that he was clear along with his ever loving smile makes the customer feel very welcome. I have nothing more to say other than he is (for the client side at least) one of the best assets you possess.
The gentleman was friendly, understanding and kind. He respected our difficult situation and assured us all the way through
Everyone I spoke to was really helpful as my case was very difficult. They were extremely understanding and explained things in a way I understood treating me with patience and respect. Thank you so much to everyone that I spoke to.
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