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I found dealing with your Company very satisfactory and very professional and the home visit by your field manager first class. My comments are from a person that worked for British Airways at a senior level and would not have been given lightly Kind Regards yusef abdi
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Property Rescue provided excellent support and communication through most of the sales process. They provided secure means to move original documents and ID between me and them and were always on hand to help with queries.Communication only slipped a bit near the end when a buyer had been found. I found out about it when I discovered a welcome card in the post box instead of Property Rescue notifying me.Third party Solicitors are included in the price offered by Property Rescue. I found the Solicitors appointed to be adequate but was disappointed they took over 24 hours to move sales funds on to myself after completion.If you are struggling to sell your property, then I would recommend Property Rescue over the other property sale companies out there.
Just want to say, thank you for your help and support, the people at Property Rescue are certainly very friendly as the radio advert suggests..! Everyone I have spoken to have been very professional and always phoned back when they said they would, which is not always the case these days
On a scale 1-10 I would give a 7 overall rating. and yourself we give a 10
We approached Property Rescue because we had issues with our property due to having solar panels, other companies withdrew because of this. Our key worker was Elaine Cooper, I think without her assurance we may well have just let the mortgage company do as they wanted, the end result was a sale and bye bye stress. Highly recommended company
I very much appreciate the patience of the team dealing with the sale of my difficult flat. I think if I been the sole owner of a mansion, things would have progressed much easier and quicker. I realised that my flat would not be the easiest kind of property to sell – up so many stairs, even though its location is on one of the most attractive roads in the area, close to the shops and the sea. The sale proved to be pretty complicated, partly as I had a share in the freehold, but particularly when the Land Registry did not have a record of the property. It seemed I was trying to sell something that didn’t exist – a good case of fraud ! I had kept the old and the new leases, so I hope my innocence was quickly established. I had also kept the original certificate of the share in the freehold. I chose Property Rescue because their offer sounded like a good deal. The large room at the back had suffered serious water ingress a few winters ago, when we had heavy rain over a long period. It had been coming in through a cracked chimney stack. The contents of the flat had to be sorted. An electrician had moved most of my belongings into the front room, where I could not see the wood for the trees. Clearing the front room, exposed serious water ingress through the front wall. The fitted carpet had to be replaced and so did some of the floorboards. Property Rescue quickly arranged the renovation in these rooms, and elsewhere, and made the flat more appealing than when I bought it. Complication then arose about who had access to the attic. Again, Property Rescue dealt with this complication in a very timely and efficient way. The sale of the flat took much longer than I had expected, but I appreciate the complications that had to be overcome. “Property Rescue” was a very apt title for the sale of this property – it indeed, had to be “rescued”, A few years previously I sold a retirement flat I had in London, to a similar organisation – they bought it at below market value, then sold it on at a profit. Similarly this took much longer than expected, with I think about 4 solicitors having to liaise with each other. I lost my patience in the end and threatened to make my complaints public. After a week, the successful completion date was agreed – at few hours’ notice. By comparison to this experience, Property Rescue proved to be very pro-active, not earning any complaint like this. Soon afterwards, I sold another flat – by auction this time, because the tenant was repeatedly in serious rent arrears. That was an interesting comparison. One rule of the auction, was that when a bid was accepted, this legally fixed the completion date one month ahead, whether questions had been asked, or had been answered satisfactorily. My buyer told me their solicitor would not have allowed completion to take place, had it not been for this particular rule of the auction. Auction of my flat was not an option, since most of my belongings were piled high into one room. Had the flat been reasonably clear and tidy, then yes, I would have considered an auction, to avoid a long delay. To sum up, I am very grateful for Property Rescue indeed rescuing this property – and me, from any future worry. In my experience, they certainly deserve their honourable name
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