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I got my cash advance through today, a real life saver! Thank you to Property Rescue for working so quickly to help me out. I would recommend them to anyone
I found Property Rescue to be a very pleasant company to deal with. They did what they said they would do, and it was to the time we agreed on at the start.
I can't give a full review yet since we are still in the process of selling to Property Rescue. The team are very friendly, and make all the right noises when it comes to offering reassurances - but things are starting to get a little strange. Firstly, we exchanged contracts last week - great, but with a completion date of March 2018. We could sell the house quicker via an estate agent, but at least we'd be spared the endless parade of visitors to the house right?....Wrong. Yesterday, with less than 24 hours notice (hardly enough for a working family) Property Rescue sent an estate agent round to take some photo's and value the property. Now, surely they would've sorted stuff like that out BEFORE exchanging? Things got very weird when the estate agent arrived and referred to us as 'tenants' - needless to say we corrected him. I now believe that contrary to the claim that Property Rescue have funds to buy your property, they don't. It seems to me that they are trying to sell our property (which they don't own) before handing the cash over to us. If we'd been told that then we'd have saved some money and sold privately. As I have stated, we are still in process and I will report back with an accurate score based on their actions from here on in.
Very professional and always keep me informed of what is happening.
So far so good doing a good job
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