Property Rescue - The perfect partner for any Estate Agent

Double your earning potential…sell to us, then sell for us…double commission!

At Property Rescue we have helped 1000’s of people sell their home quickly. We could be an ideal partner for any Estate Agent. If you need to save a chain on the verge of collapse, offer your clients a quick sale or just be able to offer them a totally free service


Estate Agent Referrals

In this difficult property market Property Rescue can offer you an extra revenue stream by

  • Purchasing properties where situations are time sensitive
  • Purchasing any property in any condition
  • Exchanging on a property in as little as 48 hours
  • Offering large cash advances to sellers.

We can help if

  • There is a chain break
  • The property needs to be sold quickly
  • The seller needs a large cash advance
  • The property is in poor condition
  • The sellers are facing repossession
  • The situation makes it difficult to conduct viewings

Benefits to you

  • Double commission!!
  • You get % commission from us on completion (in leu of your normal commission from the Seller)   
  • You get a 2nd commission if you later sell the property on our behalf
  • More options to offer your customer…don’t lose them to the competition
  • You get a happy customer

Benefits to your customer

  • They get to sell their property
  • They can get a large cash advance
  • Chains can be preserved
  • They pay no fees at all – we even pay their legal costs*
  • We can help with all aspects of their relocation incl. removals.
  • Stress free

Call us now to start earning double commission on 0208 634 0220

*we will pay your legal fees up to a maximum of £800 plus VAT

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