Tenanted property

Being a landlord is tough, there’s no two ways about it. You find yourself responsible for everything that could possibly go wrong and your tenant will come to you for any problem they come up against – what a nightmare!

If you can’t handle being a landlord anymore, or if your tenant is troublesome and perhaps not paying rent, we can help by buying the property and taking over the tenancy agreement, and the headache, from you in no time at all. Most house buyers won’t purchase a property where there is a tenant in situ, but we’re happy to take over as landlord and inherit any issues.

No matter the reason for selling, we can make the process simple. You may no longer be able to afford to be a landlord, or maybe the property needs renovation you can’t afford or aren’t willing to do – Property Rescue can definitely help you. You might think we’re offering the impossible but it’s perfectly simple – we buy any property, in any condition with tenants or without; it’s yet another one of our promises to you.

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