Relocation / Emigration

If you need to sell a property due to relocation, it can be a long, annoying waiting game. In most cases, you can’t make the move until your existing property sells and it can cause all kinds of problems and delays. You might be moving for a new job or to be closer to a loved one – these opportunities don’t come along every day and you need to act fast or you’ll miss them.

That’s where we step in. We can guarantee your sale in as little as 48 hours thanks to our years of expertise in Fast House sales giving you the launch pad you need to jump onto the next step of your life.

Even if you’re emigrating to another country, we can help to make the process easier by freeing up the much needed funds tied up in your house. We’ll set a date that suits you and we can even advise and help arrange removals and storage options if you need us to.

Forced relocation isn’t nice, you might need to give your house up due to ill health and need to move closer to a medical centre or perhaps you’re being forced to move due to circumstances out of your control – no matter what, we can help. Best of all, if you haven’t found somewhere to move to we work with a network of local agents across the country to help you in the search for new property, whether to rent or buy. Just ask if you need our help and we’ll do all we can for you.

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