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Maintaining your home can be tough and the cost of skilled tradesmen can mount up if there’s a lot to do to make your property ready for sale. We don’t mind if there’s work to do on your property, we aim to offer the best price no matter what condition it is in.

Common issues with property would be problems with damp, electrical and plumbing issues and even subsidence causing the building to sink into the ground due to unstable ground – you might not know about these problems until it’s too late. An estate agent is going to struggle to sell a property on the market with these issues.

Don’t panic! We can make an offer no matter the issues with the property and we guarantee the best price. All you need to do is tell us, we can even talk about having a survey done at the property to find the problems and make plans for the future. Even dated or bad décor is perfectly acceptable to us. We don’t mind if you’ve paired Neon Pink with Lime Green in the master bedroom – it’s not in our nature to judge and it never will be. We treat every case uniquely and do all we can to make the best offer on your property– even if it’s sinking or the plumbing is on strike!

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