Divorce or Separated

We understand that separation and divorce can cause serious stress, and a lot of problems can arise for both parties involved when assets that are jointly owned need to be sold. Usually, this includes a shared home that either has to be sold or taken on by one half of the former couple

We’ve handled thousands of cases involving divorce and separation and our main aim is to make the process as smooth and painless as possible, because we are aware of all the other things going on in your life. We’ll handle the case for you both and are happy to make contact and meet each of you individually and if necessary at separate locations – we find it prevents a lot of problems and a lot of arguments.

When we buy your property, we will work around your timescales and we can pay completion funds to each party separately, and at different times, which may be useful if one of you wants to move on before the other is ready to move out. Whatever the outcome of your separation your relationship with Property Rescue will always be a good one even after the sale is completed – that’s a promise.

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