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World Nomads 101

Cheap air fares and the growth of online communications have made a life wandering the globe a real possibility for many.

Those working to fund their travels - often in the digital industries - are described as 'Digital Nomads' or 'Location Independent'. They wander the globe looking only for an internet connection and a beautiful beaches to call their home for an afternoon of work.

It seems a far cry from the bills, bad weather and daily grind of life in the UK. So how do you go about starting a nomadic lifestyle? What are the steps to undertake before you step on a plane to Goa, and how are easy are they to undertake? Is endless world travel without debt realistic for everyone?

There are a number of online communities (such as this) dedicated to becoming (and surviving!) as a new nomad, but we wanted to share the very best nomadic lifestyle tips and tricks with you in a way that doesn't require you to search these sites for hours. A 'Nomad 101', if you will.

Untangling your life

Untangling yourself from day-to-day commitments is one of the biggest challenges that many wannabe nomads face.

Paying off debts and removing yourself from contractual agreements is key from a financial standpoint. Any longstanding financial commitment is clearly a no-no if you're going to live a life without ties.

Plan ahead

Begin running down and ending contractual commitments as soon as you can, moving to a pay-as-you go phone contract and ending or moving all other personal contracts to similar arrangements.

Building savings is also an essential step. Even if you don't want to live off savings alone when outside the country, money will be important to pay for flights and establish you initially. It will also form an important financial buffer as your travels progress.

Understanding what you will need from a financial standpoint will make life easier when you're abroad. Setting up a bank account which has credit and debit cards you can use abroad is a key consideration. Doing so with a consideration of how you can be protected from identity fraud is also an important part of this process.


How much 'stuff' do you need? Selling all your worldly possessions can seem quite daunting from face value, but focusing on what you need and want to take with you can be the best way of approaching the problem.

Gumtree and eBay are perfect for selling smaller possessions, while big ticket items such as a car or home should be sold through specialist services, like PropertyRescue. In a time crunch (i.e. you would like to use your car or home for as long as possible leading up to your nomadic departure), these type of services allow more leeway when wrapping things up.

The Income

The Big Question. After the inevitability of savings depletion, how do nomads make money to live off of? The answer is simply a bit of common sense. While countries such as Thailand tend to offer cheap bar work in exchange for board (thoroughly reducing your living costs, as well), the so-called 'digital nomads' are the ones who truly thrive.

Be it copywriting, internet marketing, web design, SEO or another digital specialty, getting paid a 'British wage' while travelling through countries that cost less than half as much to maintain an improved lifestyle is a major charm of the nomadic lifestyle.

You're a nomad!

At the end of the day, it is not as difficult as Hollywood would suggest. You don't need to search for the meaning of life like Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love. You don't need a Diane Lane-style breakdown to enjoy life Under The Tuscan Sun. You simply need a plan, a purpose, and the rest tends to fall into place.

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