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Want To Know About Our Services in Under A Minute? Watch Our Fun New Ad…

We all know how complicated selling a house can be. We’ve been there ourselves. It can take months and the sale could even fall through at the last minute, leaving you stranded. At Property Rescue we don’t believe in complicated house sales. We aim to give you that “just sold feeling” in as little as 48 hours!Want to know more? Of course you do!We’re proud to unveil our brand new video, it gives you the lowdown on our fantastic services in under a minute, meaning you can get the information you need as fast as we could buy your home!Cutting out all the estate agent kerfuffle, our fun new campaign highlights how quickly you can fast forward to sold no matter what your circumstance.In today’s property market it takes on average six weeks to sell a house, with some owners taking as long as 10 months to make a sale according to The Times, but at Property Rescue, that can be cut down to as little as 48 hours.Our video looks at those moments in life where things need speeding up. Getting caught in the rain, those long journeys with children in the back seat, and, of course, selling your home. Property Rescue gives you the chance to remove the middleman, and sell your home as quickly as you like, no matter what the reason.We work out every detail, meaning you don’t have to worry about the legal fees and we could even give you a cash advance if you really need it. “Sometimes life throws us a curveball and we need a quick sale on our home. We’re here to help and deliver a tailored service to ensure everything goes at the customer’s own pace. When they’re ready, we’re ready.All’s left to do is “relax and enjoy that just sold feeling.”

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