Property News > The wait time to get on the property ladder shortest in Sunderland

The wait time to get on the property ladder shortest in Sunderland

Those saving for a house in Sunderland are typically able to do so faster than those in other major UK settlements.

Indeed, the research from finder comparison site found that prospective buyers in the North East city take just six years and eight months to get their deposit together, on

Meanwhile, savers in fellow northern cities Bradford and Hull face a similarly short wait.

By contrast, the longest wait time is in London, with those hoping to buy in the capital typically being forced to save for almost 25 years before they have enough for a deposit.

Jon Ostler, chief executive at said: “This research hits home the point that having a relatively high wage or living in a city with low house prices doesn’t guarantee a short wait to get on the property ladder.

“If you are planning to move to a new city, or are open to the idea, then it is certainly worth
looking at how long your saving period would be in a few different areas.”

The average city dweller is forced to save for around 12 years to raise a deposit.

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