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Terrible Estate Agent Photos: Could you live here?

If you have ever bought or sold a home, you will know that presentation is everything. As buyers, we tend to form our first impression of a particular property within seven seconds of viewing it, while even the smallest structural or aesthetic defect can force vendors to negotiate their price points.These issues become magnified during times of economic uncertainty, with the recent Brexit vote likely to have a negative impact on prices over the course of the next two years. This makes it even more important that estate agents market your property effectively, in a bid to generate interest and optimise its potential resale value.Terrible Estate Agent Photos: Homes that Nobody would BuyUltimately, the images that agents use to sell your home are pivotal marketing weapons, as poorly judged photographs can prevent buyers from making an offer in the first place. With this in mind, we have taken a look at some of the worst estate agent images ever to see the light of day. Here are our top picks: - There's No Easy way OutIt may well be that you are not much of a social butterfly, and enjoy spending your time relaxing or unwinding at home. It is nice to have the option of leaving the property, however, which is something that the owners of this home would struggle to do without great difficulty or a great deal of athleticism.This incredible picture shows kitchen units and a worktop blocking the back doorway, meaning that residents would have to climb onto the work surface if they were to escape. Although this is both impractical and a fire hazard, we can at least take some comfort from the fact that the door itself opened outwards.Never get out of the Wrong side of Bed againWe all get out of the bed on the wrong side from time to time, whether it is a Monday morning or we have a particularly long day of work ahead. On occasions such as this, you should spare a thought for the owners of this property, who struggle to get out of bed at all (at least not without incurring several bumps, knocks and bruises in the process.)This is best and most politely described as a box room, but its compact nature make it totally impractical to host a bed. The vendors were probably attempting to add another bedroom to their home, but the combination of this picture and an in-person viewing would most likely send buyers running for cover.A Potentially Crushing Experience?Let's finish with our most spectacular and bewildering picture, which captures an attic door in what appears to be a normal (if dilapidated) residential home. Not only is the door slightly ajar, but the attic itself seems to be brimful of debris, waste and any number of hidden nasties. Whoever opens this door should brace themselves for a potentially crushing experience, while they will most likely require a lengthy shower or a hose-down in the immediate aftermath.One thing is for sure; we would buy a ticket to watch the seconds that follow once that door has been opened. It is probably similar to Pandora's Box, however, and best left closed until an unfortunate buyer has staked his claim!

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