Property News > Tenants no longer automatically barred from keeping pets under new government guidelines

Tenants no longer automatically barred from keeping pets under new government guidelines

Pets can no longer be automatically banned by landlords under new government guidelines, which come as part of a new Model Tenancy Agreement issued by the Ministry of Housing. 

While it is still possible for landlords to ban pets from living in their property, it now must be done on a case by case basis. 

The change means that landlords need to produce a written objection within 28 days of receiving a written request from a tenant, providing a good reason why the pet cannot live there - for example, the property could be too small for a large animal. 

Christopher Pincher, housing minister, said: “It can’t be right that only a tiny fraction of landlords advertise pet friendly properties and in some cases people have had to give up their beloved pets in order to find somewhere to live.

“We are bringing an end to the unfair blanket ban on pets introduced by some landlords.”

Currently, just 7% of landlords openly state that their property is pet friendly when advertising.

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