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Ten Items in your Home you Could Sell to Raise Cash

The chances are that there are plenty of items around your home that are rarely, if ever used. These could earn you some valuable income. Antiques and collectiblesThese are the obvious place to start if you need to raise cash, but there are many other more mundane items that you could sell.Old Smartphones and TabletsWhen we upgrade to a new phone we quickly forget the old one. A working iPhone 6 with 64Gb memory could fetch around £125 from a recycling website. A Samsung Galaxy S6 could be worth £110. Even older models are worth money. An S4 or iPhone 5 could be worth £50. How much cash do you have tied up in old mobiles and tablets?ComputersThe average household probably has several hundred pounds’ worth of laptops and computers that could be sold. If you do most of your browsing on a smartphone could you manage without that laptop? A nearly new laptop with a decent specification could fetch up to £200.Coffee Machines and GadgetsGadgets of all sorts can be a good source of ready cash. Good quality coffee machines can take up a lot of kitchen space and they also sell well on eBay and similar sites. Power tools also have good resale values.FurnitureIndividual items may not fetch much unless they are exceptionally desirable. However, if you have a lot of furniture to get rid off you may be surprised at what you could raise through an auction house.Video Games and ConsolesIf you have a fairly new PlayStation or XBox it could fetch around £200. A collection of games that you don’t play any more can also raise valuable cash.JewelleryJewellery tends to hold its value if it contains precious stones and metals. If you don’t wear it and it has no great emotional value then why hang on to it? Kids’ ClothesYoung children grow out of clothes before they wear out. Sites like Loopster make it easy to exchange good quality children’s clothes for cash.Children’s ToysJust like clothes, kids outgrow their toys. If they are in good condition there is a market for them so why leave them cluttering up the cupboards or garage?Sports EquipmentGolf clubs, fishing tackle, cricket kit, bikes and kayaks are all expensive to buy new. That’s why there’s a thriving second-hand market for good quality equipment in reasonable condition. Selling unwanted items can buy you some breathing space if finances are tight. If your financial situation is really getting out of control then knowing for certain what you could get for your home will help you understand your options. Property Rescue offers a guaranteed price with no obligation and a quick sale.

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