Property News > Self-employment likely to become more common among estate agents

Self-employment likely to become more common among estate agents

Self-employment is set to become a preference for more estate agents once the
government lifts its lockdown measures, despite it offering less protection in such
instances, says Nicky Stevenson, head of the Fine & Country Associate platform.

Many of those who are already self-employed and have been impacted by COVID-
19 are eligible for financial support from the government. However, those who only
recently began working for themselves are excluded, as are those who earn over a
certain amount.

But Stevenson said: “Generally, people are more motivated by fear than gain, so for
many the default is to stick with what’s familiar and secure rather than taking a risk to
make a gain.

“On the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, those that have been left high and dry
have less risk and may well believe that now is the opportunity to be their own boss
and have more control over their time and earning potential.”

Stevenson added: “We have already seen a shift in office setups, with some agents
choosing to have one bigger office, rather than various smaller offices in different
towns, and sometimes off the high street.

“We have seen technology evolve to enable virtual working to take place easily. The
pandemic has forced the industry to embrace certain technology that until now may
not have been forefront. COVID 19 has also of course forced everyone to work from

“I don’t think that ‘normal’ as we know it will be the same again and that every agent
will be more tech enabled and experienced in working remotely. Now is also a great
time to be learning. These ingredients in my opinion, are a great foundation to launch
into self-employment.”

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