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Rogue Maintenance Contractors on the Rise

Tenants in the UK have received high level warnings from landlords and letting agents regarding the maintenance contractors who attend to various issues with their residences. Many contractors attend properties and complete work to unsatisfactory standards along with overcharging by extortionate amounts.The warnings come from the landlords and agents in particular as they are finding themselves liable for thousands of unnecessary pounds courtesy of these rogue contractors. A recent example comes from a well known landlords forum: a plumber attended a property to tighten a valve connection that was causing a leak in a radiator and billed for £90 – a job that took two minutes to complete according to the tenant.The issue is becoming more and more common as rogue contractors have clearly seen an opportunity they can exploit. The tenants will no doubt be the ones who call out the contractors but the work will usually occur with the landlord or agent’s knowledge or presence meaning the contractors feel they can overcharge without fear of repercussion.For landlords and agents alike; it is vital that tenants inform the property owner of any issues they encounter before contacting tradespeople. Most landlords and agents will have contacts or appointed staff to handle maintenance they can trust not to overcharge and complete the work to an appropriate standard.In the instance of an emergency situation; landlords and agents should provide emergency contact details for trusted tradespeople to their tenants if they have the facility. Where this isn’t possible; websites such as and are superb alternatives to ensure the contractor is genuine.Sometimes; expensive maintenance is unavoidable and landlords, in particular, should put aside a substantial sum for essential maintenance. Having trade contacts is also vital as you can broker arrangements with the tradesperson directly and inform them of your budget when work is required.Thanks to trusted internet sites, it is becoming easier to find reliable contractors based on their ratings and reviews but there are still many rogue traders out there who are waiting to extort landlords, agents and tenants alike for shoddy work – always conduct research before committing to any financial agreements.

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