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Have Pets? Want to Sell your Home? Here’s What you Need to do

We all love our pets. They charm us and entertain us. They give us companionship and emotional wellbeing and become part of our family. And they could be the reason you’re finding it so hard to sell your home. The first few seconds of a viewing are critical and evidence of our much loved pet can make that first impression a negative one. Even animal lovers don’t feel the same way about other people’s pets as they do their own. Some people get twitchy just at the thought of animals living indoors. Our treasured companions also create mess, odours and damage. All of which can knock value off your home or make it hard to sell. Property Rescue will buy your home no matter what your pets have been up to. Otherwise, here’s what you need to do. Never have pets around during a viewing For an animal lover your pet will be a distraction. For people who don’t like pets your furry friends will be all they can take in. And what if your pet nips or scratches one of the viewers or their children? Temporarily rehome your pets or at least make sure they are never present during viewings. Clear away beds, toys and other ‘pet evidence’ and clutter. On the other hand, if sell your home to us our friendly team will look forward to meeting your pets when they call to go through the paperwork. No need to put them anywhere. Take care of the smells Even fully house trained pets have an odour that seeps into carpets, furniture and pet bedding. Pet owners don’t notice it - but viewers will. We won’t worry about any of this, but if you’re not selling your home to us consider getting carpets and upholstery cleaned professionally. Air fresheners can help but don’t overdo it. And we don’t need to explain why cat litter trays and half eaten bowls of dog food are a bad thing, do we? Repair damage Chewed or scratched skirting boards and door frames make your home less appealing. YouTube has hilarious examples of what pets get up to when left alone. Not funny if it’s a house you need to sell. Tidy the garden Animal mess, holes in the lawn or flower beds, detract from what should be a major asset and appeal. Market conditions are tough and the path to a completed sale can be uncertain. So give yourself the best chance of making a good sale so you can enjoy that ‘just sold’ feeling. We understand how getting your property sold quickly, without hassle, is important, whatever house guests you might have. That’s why we’ll buy your home whatever its condition. You can then relax and plan your future with confidence. If you have an offer from us, simply get back in touch to accept and get your home sold.

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