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Our Energy Saving Tips could save you £1600 per year!

What if we could save energy and hundreds of pounds by taking a few simple steps?Loft Loft installation is a great way to save on energy bills. Installing 270mm insulation to an untouched loft, you could save up to £140 per year, whilst upgrading from 120mm could see an extra £15 saving. Solar panel electricity systems do not need direct sunlight to work, and still generate electricity on a cloudy day. By installing a 4kWh solar panel system you can save around £800 a year.Office You can now purchase LED lights that work on efficiency levels of around 80%, which is much better for the environment than the cheaper incandescent bulbs that run on 20% efficiency. Typically laptops use 85% less electricity over a year than desktop PCs do. Using a laptop rather than a desktop PC could save you up to £17 per year.Bathroom It's amazing the difference an energy efficient shower head can do! A family of four could save around £67 a year on gas for water heating by having the right fixture. Homes that use a water meter could also save an extra £100 on water bills. You could look to save around £15 per year by insulating your hot water pipes and hot water cylinder. You can also buy an extractor fan with added heat recovery capability which would improve efficiency.Bedroom Using thermally lined curtains can help you reduce the heat and energy lost from your windows and will regulate the temperature in your room. If you have blinds, heavier materials will also reduce drafts coming through your windows. Replace all of your windows with B-rated double-glazing, and save yourself around £170 a year on your energy bills. You could also be looking to save around 680kg of carbon dioxide every year.Dinning Room Installing the right carpet underlay is important. As well as cushioning your carpet, it could reduce energy costs by up to 15%. Cavity wall insulation is a great way of keeping energy within your home. You can save up to £140 and around 560kg of carbon dioxide annually.Living Room If the little red light is on, then it's burning electricity. You could save around £30 by simply switching appliances such as your TV, DVD player, and games consoles off By turning down you thermostat by 1c, you could cut your heating bills by up to 10% and save around & £85 a year.Kitchen Filling up your kettle with the amount of water you need is a small step in reducing cost, but it will go a long way. Match that with setting your washing machine to spin at 30°C and washing your pots and pans in a bowl rather than leaving the hot tap running and you could save yourself an extra £45 a year. Save up to around £18 a year by making sure your taps are turned off properly. A dripping tap can waste more than 5,500 litres of water a year.Garage They may only look like tiny gaps but in fact 20% of heat in the home is lost through drafts and ventilation. Seal up these cracks with appropriate chalks, foams, and draft excluders. Well it turns out we can. At Property Rescue we've found that there are a number of simple changes you can implement around the house that could see you save hundreds of pounds every year!It could be the simplest adjustments like fully loading a washing machine or purchasing thermally lined curtains for the bedroom, but they'll make all the difference, not to mention keeping the family much warmer throughout the year.Our energy saving infographic details ways to save money in every room of the home, even the garage where a large amount of heat could be escaping, through small gaps and cracks. Around 20% of heat in our abodes is lost this way, with drafts causing the majority of the problems. Door seals, foams, and chalks cost as little as £5 each and can make a huge difference from the place we store our car, right up to the loft where we store our boxes and Christmas decorations.There are some changes which could save even bigger amounts. The country as a whole uses approximately 4,600 kWh of electricity per household every year with the government wanting to cut that by 11% by the year 2020. We can contribute to this by making some important changes to our home, like installing loft insulation, solar panels or energy efficient double glazing. Whilst these will require initial investment up front you will benefit from the savings in just a few years.There are dozens of ways we can improve our finances just by making a few adjustments in the home. To find out more take a tour around the Property Rescue house and discover just what you can do to make your bills that little bit less daunting.

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