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‘No sale no fee searches’ launched by Assured Sale and Progression

A proposition which sees all legal costs and disbursements charged on a no-sale, no-fee
basis has been launched by Assured Sale and Progression (ASAP).

The service, which includes searches, takes an average of 77 days off the transaction time
between the sale being agreed and the exchange date, making the process some seven weeks quicker than the overall industry average.

The business is now offering the service to all estate agents, IFAs and brokers in England
and Wales following a series of successful tests of the original proposition.

Lester Hurst from Hunters Estate Agents said: “Working with ASAP Ltd we have seen our
average transaction times fall to their lowest ever level, providing immediate positive results for our house sellers and buyers.

“The no-sale, no-fee searches proposition helps us protect our customer and gives us and
our clients peace of mind that buyers won’t have to stomach any upfront costs.”

Through ASAP’s method, homebuyers will only pay for the searches if and when the
purchase reaches completion stage, but these will still happen as soon as they instruct their
solicitor to begin carrying them out.

Currently, homebuyers are routinely forced to pay up-front costs ranging between £300 and £500 to cover all legal necessities such as searches, with no right to be refunded if the purchase collapses.

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