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How Much is your Home Really Worth?

Like most things in life your home is worth what somebody else is prepared to pay for it. How do you get to an accurate estimate of what that might be?If you’ve sold your home in the past you’ll be familiar with the following saga:
  • You contact three estate agents who all give you their assessment of the value.
  • They come up with three different numbers.
  • You ignore the lowest valuation. You then either invite the agent with the highest valuation to back up their confidence. Or play safe and pick the middle one because you need to sell.
  • After a while the excuses start. ‘The market’s gone a bit flat...’ ‘perhaps x, y, or z is putting people off.’
So how come these issues weren’t factors when they did the valuation? And why did three agents come up with such different valuations anyway if they’re all experts? Now think back to the valuation. Who came out to take all the details? How experienced did they seem to be? Was the agent’s main motivation to secure your business on a sole agency basis?  Property Rescue representatives have many years’ experience in valuing homes accurately. They are friendly and straightforward and talk like normal people, not estate agents.Lost OpportunitiesWhen the inevitable advice to drop your price comes along the agent takes a small hit on their fee (around 1.5 - 2% of the hit you are taking on the asking price). How much time, how many realistic buyers, and how many dream homes have slipped out of your grasp in the meantime?And when you agree a selling price is that it? Not always! Haggling based on survey findings or buyers ‘trying it on,’ can chip away at your price a bit more before contracts are exchanged.Property Rescue will thoroughly research the value of your home and won’t make unrealistic promises. We also cut out any uncertainty between valuation and selling price. You don’t have to accept our offer but you have the confidence that the price we say is the price we will pay.Estimating the Value of your HomeOnline tools for estimating your home’s value provide estimates based on broad market trends. They don’t know the condition of your home, the alterations you have made or any of the specific details of your home or neighbourhood needed for a fully accurate valuation. They also don’t tell you how long you might have to wait to achieve that selling price. They are very much a rough guide.The Property Rescue service is all about certainty. The selling price is secure and we have the funds here waiting. We also take care of legal fees and processes and make sure your sale proceeds quickly and painlessly.

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