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Mortgage Accessibility at Three Year High

New figures from the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association shows that first time buyers and home owners remortgaging prospects are very strong, in terms of growth, for the remainder of 2017. A record 30% of brokers encountered no issues sourcing a mortgage lender for clients over the last six months.Conversely, the number of brokers who were unable to source a mortgage for the first time market tumbled to almost half at 16%. This positive attitude to mortgage lending has allayed many of the fears the Mortgage Market Review criteria adjustments incurred in April 2014.Brokers are enjoying a spell of ease in terms of sourcing mortgage lenders for all buyer types. In the second half of 2016, the number of brokers sourcing mortgages without issue soared to 26% when compared to the first half of the year. This shows a clear improvement in lending conditions and the relationship between brokers and lenders is burgeoning.There has been a marked improvement in the number of brokers sourcing mortgages for higher risk clients too as the first time buyer market saw a sharp reduction in the number of refusals in late 2016. Standard status buyers have also found it easier to secure a mortgage in the last six months as the number of refusals dropped from 26% to just 15%.Perhaps the most dramatic improvement for the mortgage brokers has been the rate of approval for mortgages lasting into retirement as the number of refusals fell from 43% to 29% over the course of the second half of 2016.Mortgage accessibility in the UK has been enhanced by a greater level of affordability, among other factors, as consumers are seeing a reduction in interest rates and basis points on their borrowings – the average two year fixed mortgage is now more affordable than ever for the end consumer, according to the Bank of England.Since the MMR in April 2014 introduced stricter criteria for brokers and lenders, the market was expected to decline and consumers were predicted to struggle when trying to secure a mortgage but the evidence shows clearly that the market is more open than ever before.With strong growth in the property market, the onus has fallen on the brokers to be more flexible in their approach to sourcing mortgages for their clients and they have responded amiably. With just 16% of brokers claiming they were unable to source a mortgage for a consumer in the last six months; the rate of lending has increased but it remains positive news overall.The remortgaging market is also seeing vast improvements as homeowners seek a better deal on their lending and release some of the equity tied up in their property. The decline in refusals has opened the door to many existing owners who may not have sought a remortgaging deal in the past.

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