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Live the dream with Property Rescue Dream Home Finder!


Sometimes we all need to indulge in a little escapism. Dreaming of a life abroad in the sunny climes of the Costa Del Sol, or the snowy peaks of the French Alps, usually orientates around fantasies of winning the lottery. But what could you get for equivalent money if you were to sell your home in the UK and emigrate?

Our Property Rescue Dream Home Finder  is the perfect antidote to any grey, rainy winter day in the UK. It gives you an indication of what your money could buy in a variety of climates and regions of the globe.

Traffic, poor weather and Mondays mornings at work - most don't need many more reasons to consider making a move abroad. We know that it is the dream of many to sell-up, pack the bags and head off to live in some beautiful hamlet in the South of France, or near to a sandy white beach in Spain.

By simply selecting a price category, which part of the world you would like to live in, and what kind of climate you would prefer, the application gives you an insight into what you could purchase for the cost of your home.

Featuring regularly updated homes from across the globe, when your everyday life gets you down take a look at the Dream Home Finder and find your own little bit of paradise.

You never know, dreams could come true…

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