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House Price-Sized Inflation: Which Regions Would Suffer Most?

Home is where the heart is, but home also determines local amenities, internet speed, and it can even determine your wage, something which was telling in our recent study.Exploring the cost of living if the average weekly shop was to rise at the same rate as property inflation has since 1973, the research found a stark contrast between rural and urban areas..The rise in inflation would see the weekly shop hit a remarkable £207.37 today, a figure over a third of those in more rural regions would require financial help with.Northern Ireland would see its residents suffer most, with 52% requiring financial aid and a further 19% admitting they’d struggle to cope. If the shocking inflation increases were to hit our weekly shop today, 40% of people from The South West and East Midlands would also require help financially, reflecting the fact that residents of both regions are amongst the lowest earners in the country.Naturally, the highest earning region in the UK is London. Almost half of those living in the capital would be able to manage with the price rise, while those regions with major cities in them such as the West Midlands and North West would also see a larger number of people able to cope.Despite this, at least a third of people would require financial help in every region except London and the West Midlands. You can view a full table below:
RegionWould Require Financial Help (%)
Northern Ireland52
South West40
East Anglia39
North West38
East Midlands37
North East35
Yorkshire & Humber33
South East33
West Midlands25
 You can view the full study on our blog. Click here to read more. 

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