Property News > The Gender Pay Gap: How house-price inflation on everyday items would affect men and women

The Gender Pay Gap: How house-price inflation on everyday items would affect men and women

The gender pay gap has featured heavily in the news over recent months. From Hollywood to everyday businesses, the average wage difference between males and females is still considerable across many industries.It was recently revealed that 78% of companies pay men more than women, and in a new study commissioned by Property Rescue we noticed a similar gender-imbalance. Exploring the price of a weekly shop we discovered that if the cost of groceries increased at the same rate as house price inflation, women would be 10% less likely to cope than men (38% of women would require financial help).The study found that the present day cost of groceries would stand at a staggering £207.37 if inflation had risen in line with house prices since 1973, a figure 37% of men would be able to afford.Although men would be in better shape to digest these hard-to-stomach costs, only 29% of women would be able to cope with the price of the weekly shop, according to research.Danny Nieberg at Property Rescue said, “It’s sad to see how much the gender pay gap affects everyday life.“These figures really do highlight the sort of issues the gap causes today and even more so in the future. More needs to be done to solve this.”Interestingly, when we break it down and assess the willingness of each gender to purchase specific products, the results are more matched. Both sexes were unanimous in their refusal to buy sausages at an unimaginable £10.26, while over 75% admitted they’d probably have to cut £4.38 bananas from their diet.How would you cope with house price-sized inflation on your groceries? Get in touch and let us know.You can find the full study on our blog. Click here to discover more.  

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