Property News > First ever shop opens on high street to sell plots of land for custom and self-build homes

First ever shop opens on high street to sell plots of land for custom and self-build homes

The first ever shop to sell plots of land for people in the UK who wish to build their own home has opened. Based in Bicester, the shop is selling plots of land on the Graven Hill site in Oxfordshire, to those wishing to build their own home whether from scratch, or through customised design.Once complete, the Graven Hill development will be the biggest of its kind in the UK, delivering nearly 2,000 new self and custom build homes. By making it far easier to access land and expert advice, the shop aims to pioneer custom and self-build as a mainstream choice for aspiring home owners, changing the future UK property market for the better.It’s important the country gets more creative with how they build new homes in order to deliver the right types of property in the places people actually wish to live. With the opening of the shop, the journey to building your own home can now start on the high street.The government is very much committed to doubling the number of custom and self-build homes by 2020 so that anyone who wishes to, can design their own dream house. Through diversifying the housing market in such a way, people will have a greater choice over the homes they live in, whether that’s buying on the open market, or by investing in and building their dream home.The shop is leading the idea that for the first time, new home buyers have the option to choose between either building their own house and custom designing one that meets their individual requirements. Over 81% plots released in a Phase 1a have been sold and over the course of the next decade, Graven Hill will become a community of 1,900 properties.We are still very much at the beginning of our journey but with the first occupations imminent, there has never been a better time to be involved with self and custom building. There is very much still the possibility that plot buyers may be able to access the flagship Government Help to Buy schemes and lenders are expected to be offering a greater amount of mortgage products of this kind of home building. At this moment of time, the only mainstream lender in such a sector is Virgin Money, but there are smaller bespoke lenders offering mortgage products for custom and self-build.The custom build market is a very exciting area of new house building that offers significant growth potential, providing a supply of top quality homes specifically designed to buyers’ individual requirements. Custom build affords aspiring home builders the tools to design the house of their dreams whilst also leaving it to the professionals to do the manual labour and build the property. The industry says that this removes some of the risk of a self-build project and it is thought that it could deliver over 40,000 homes a year in the UK.

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