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What, Exactly, Does a Quick House Sale Mean?

There can be many reasons why you want to sell your home quickly. But how quick is ‘quick? Even in the least complicated case with a first time buyer and no upward chain, a sale can take months. Putting your house on the market, instructing agents, waiting for details to be published, and then waiting for viewings and offers can be a drawn out process. Even after this, when you have a ‘firm’ offer, there can still be a bumpy road ahead. Your buyer will have to instruct a conveyancer and arrange a survey to confirm that the property is sound and the loan to value stacks up (assuming they are getting a mortgage). There are Local Authority & Environmental searches needed to make sure there are no issues that might affect the value or use of your property. During all of this you are at the mercy of your buyer and their conveyancer. The sale can’t proceed any quicker than they are able or willing to move. You will need an Energy Performance Certificate and there are lengthy questionnaires to complete to give your buyer more details about your home and what is included in the sale. Contract Exchange All of this leads up to the exchange of contracts. This is the point where your buyer is legally committed to buy your property. They can easily back out at any time before contracts are exchanged, putting you back to square one. Contract exchange normally commits you to a completion date - the day when you finally move out and get the proceeds of the sale. If you’re lucky your buyer will be looking for a rapid completion, maybe a couple of weeks. But they may not be in a hurry. Having got to the stage where you are ready to exchange contracts you don’t have much leverage. Would you risk restarting the selling process because your buyer wants to put completion back for a few more weeks? The process from finding a suitable buyer to completed sale can be like a very stretchy piece of elastic. What is, in essence, a few days’ work can stretch out over weeks and months. Exchange Contracts in 48 Hours There is a way to achieve a genuinely fast sale. With Property Rescue you can have contracts exchanged within 48 hours of accepting our offer. We have the funds available and legal experts in house to process the paperwork quickly. If you receive an offer from us there’s no obligation to accept it. You still have the choice of selling through an estate agent if you prefer. But at least you’ll know what your options are and what you can get for your home through a genuinely fast sale - without the uncertainty, doubt or delay. If you already have an offer from us all you need to do is get in touch, accept the offer, relax, and enjoy that just sold feeling, knowing that your home is definitely sold at a timescale to suit you.

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