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Your Essential Checklist for Selling your Home

When you sell your home there’s plenty to think about and plan. Being prepared will give you a better chance of your sale proceeding smoothly. To help, we’ve put together this checklist that covers the main points. Work out your budget The costs of moving home can escalate. In addition to the obvious points like conveyancing fees and removals there could be a fee to redeem your mortgage early if you are not transferring the loan to a new property. If you’re buying another property you will have Stamp Duty Land Tax, searches and a survey costs to consider. If you sell your home to us you won’t need to worry about legal fees as we take care of these for you.  We could even cover your removal  & storage costs. Know what your home is worth Don’t take what agents say at face value. Find out what other homes in your area are actually selling for (see our guide to valuing your home). Check how much you still owe on your existing mortgage. Decide how you will sell your home You can choose from a traditional estate agent, an online service or a hybrid. Do your research into their fees and customer service (there are plenty of online reviews). Check what happens if they fail to sell your home in a reasonable period. If you want to guarantee a quick and effortless sale consider using the Property Rescue service. Give your home the best chance First impressions are so important. Tidy up the outside of your house and repaint if necessary - it really is possible to lose a sale before somebody even enters your house. Make sure indoors is tidy and as uncluttered as possible. Consider hiring a storage unit for the things you don’t need to use regularly. Repairs and redecoration The minor cracks, scuffs and scratches that we live with each day will make your home less appealing. Consider asking a friend to walk around your home and point out the minor repair and redecoration jobs that need doing. Get rid of any damaged furniture. These details won’t worry us. Property Rescue will buy your home whatever its condition. Make your home welcoming You might love vivid and bold colours but they won’t be everyone’s taste. Light, neutral shades may seem boring to you but they make your home feel more spacious and airy. Yes, baking a cake and brewing fresh coffee really will make a difference to how visitors perceive your home. A few tasteful pot plants and fresh flowers will also help. Pets Take any pets out and remove bedding and other traces of their existence (see our guide to selling your home with pets). Choose a conveyancer You can choose from a traditional law firm or one of many online services that are usually cheaper. You often, but not always, get what you pay for; so make sure you check out any online reviews. Again, no need to worry about this if you decide to sell to us - we have a panel of specialised solicitors who we can appoint to independently represent you, and remember, we will cover their fee. Choose your buyer The best offer isn’t always the highest one you get. Are the buyers serious (you might not always know), and are they in a position to act quickly? Accepting an offer on the open market doesn’t mean you have sold your house. Nobody is committed legally until contracts are exchanged. Buyers frequently drop out if they can’t get a mortgage, or try to renegotiate the price based on survey findings, for example. Questionnaires For any property sale you will have to complete a series of forms, including TA6 (general questionnaire), TA7 (if leasehold), TA10 (fixtures and fittings) etc. You must complete these fully and honestly as they form part of the contract. If you sell to us your dedicated progression handler will help you with all of the paperwork required. Stay on top of events Your estate agent and conveyancer may or may not be efficient about chasing up information and documents. It’s best to keep your own check on progress and chase as often as you need. Sadly it’s the squeakiest wheel that gets the oil. We hope these points will help you sell your home quickly and easily. If you want to make a quick sale a sure thing, then get in touch with Property Rescue. One of our friendly property experts will help you through the process and give you a fixed price for you home, whatever its condition. You could have contracts exchanged in as little as 48 hours if you need to.

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