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Compare prices to make finances go further

Have you over-indulged with Christmas and new year, or are the worries over gas and electricity prices leaving you worrying about your finances as we bid farewell and head into the early months of 2013?Whether its your credit cards or your bills that are giving you the greatest amount of worry ahead of the turn of the year though, the most important thing will be to make sure that you are doing enough to make sure you are saving where you can, as this will stop you falling into further problems in the months still to come.One way to do this is straightforward and simple; just cut your spending. It may seem like one of those situations where it's easier said than done, but there are actually ways to make sure you can slice what you are spending year-on-year without having to miss out on quality or reduce what you buy.According to an expert, simply looking to shop around can be the best way to do this, as those who are savvy and take the time to browse can often make savings on a large scale. In the days of the internet, we all live in a period where this has been made easier than ever for any number of products.Car insurance, home protection and even food bills can be made much lower than they used to be simply by seeking out the best prices on websites before you commit to buying.Annie Shaw, editor of, said: "You can also save money by changing brands and using supermarket own brands, or to buy less familiar brands if you are buying other types of goods or electrical products. You may find sometimes that you can buy superior products where you're not just paying for the name on the product, you're actually paying for the goods themselves and the works inside it."If you're trying to save money, definitely look at unfamiliar brands, but do your homework on it, make sure you are getting the same quality of products because you don't want to get something that is going to be disappointing.She also suggested that there are internet forums around, where people can find that others have compared prices for them to find the best deals. By becoming part of a community such as this, you can actually find that you will be able to make savings for a prolonged period of time, as you and other house buyers converse with each other to find the best deals for yourselves and each other.By taking all of these steps, you will find that you have more money to pay off those pesky new year credit card bills or gas and electricity charges, which are always higher in the winter. This can give you a boost headed into 2013 that you might not have been able to discover otherwise.If this does not work as a money saving venture for you though, there are other ways you could prepare for 2013 as well. Why not sell to Property Rescue? This can be a fast and easy process that means you can sell your house for a quick cash offer to help you out financially.

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