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Build to Rent largely unknown to the public

New research has revealed that ‘Build to Rent’ is an unfamiliar concept to some 59% of the general public.

Indeed, the poll by Love to Rent also found that four in 10 adults in the UK believe that they or their children will be living in rented housing a decade from now, but despite these high figures, the benefits that could be gained from Build to Rent remain largely undiscovered. 

“Renters are increasingly demanding better quality and more secure tenancies. But one of the biggest barriers to achieving this is that the public simply don’t know they exist,” said Anne-Marie Brown, founder and chief executive of Love to Rent.

“As the UK’s first and only online platform specifically developed to showcase Build to Rent developments and properties, Love to Rent can be the catalyst to shake up the rental market, delivering more choice and better quality,” she added.

The poll also revealed that, generally, the greater level of knowledge when it comes to Built to Rent is held by the older generation, with 30% demonstrating the most awareness, compared to just 17% of those aged 18 to 34. 

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