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British Government to Make Rooftop Building Easier

With the shortage of homes in the UK, the Government is looking at ways to not only increase the number of new homes, but also how to extend the existing ones. One of the ways that this can be done is to give planning permissions on properties to move upwards. It is important though to stay in keeping with the rooflines of the location.The way the Government will ease the restrictions on rooftop building is to change planning permission policy. Making it easier to extend the existing buildings upwards means that flats, houses, shops, and offices in cities like London and Manchester can extend, even if there is little space around the property to do so. This will also take away the pressure on open spaces in the area, while helping to grow families.When looking at what this could mean, an example could be to add two levels to a building, as long as it is in keeping with the roofline of the other buildings in the area. If this restriction was not in place, it would create an oddity that could cause more issues with surrounding properties.Other things that will have to be taken into consideration is the preservation of listed buildings and conservation areas. This will be the reason that the lessening of restrictions around planning permission will not be eased too much, but just enough to make it that bit easier, without people trying to get away with ridiculous proposals.Looking at the plans for making planning permission easier, Housing Secretary Sajid Javid said that these measures would ensure councils can protect open spaces in inner city areas and stop unwanted garden grabbing. It was also noted though that the character of residential areas and people’s privacy must also be respected.With growing families and the housing crisis, building upwards is a way to extend the properties that already exist, which can be a cheaper way to increase the number of rooms in a property. It will be interesting to see just how easing planning permission will have an effect, and if people will start extending buildings upwards.Sajid Javid also noted that these changes to the planning permission will be part of the National Planning Policy Framework which is due in 2018. This is all part of the Government’s drive to provide more housing, not only by building new homes but also extending the existing ones where needed.With research showing that 180,000 homes in London alone could be extended, this should be good news. This is especially the case when 60,000 of these potential apartments could be on council and housing association homes. This all leads to a more affordable way of improving the housing situation in the Capital and beyond.

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