Property News > Brexit would be nothing on house price-sized inflation: We speak to Money Magpie

Brexit would be nothing on house price-sized inflation: We speak to Money Magpie

It’s fair to say that our recent study on how house price-sized inflation would affect your weekly shop has turned a few heads.We recently revealed that if inflation on our groceries were to rise at the same rate as property has since the 70s, we’d now find ourselves paying £207 per week for our weekly shop.Our study found that a third of the nation would require financial help if this were to happen, while the beloved sausage would be removed from 86% of English breakfasts thanks to it’s £10.26 price tag.Naturally, things such as the sugar tax and Brexit have already increased the price, or shrunken the size, of our products, but this scenario really could affect our nation.We spoke to Jasmine Birtles at Money Magpie, a leading financial help site, to get her thoughts on the issue. She said, “The effect of house price-sized inflation on food is eye-watering. Shoppers have already been hit in the pocket by a rise in cost of their weekly shop thanks to the weak pound since Brexit but it’s nothing like it would be if inflation mirrored house prices.”However, as resourceful Brits, she does believe, as there is today, that there would be ways round this. Food banks are of course becoming a necessity for many, while wonky veg is also fought for in the supermarkets these days. Jasmine added, “Even so, there are always ways of picking up food basics for less - and sometimes for nothing - as we show in this article would you cope if your weekly shop was to rise to £207.37 per week? Get in touch and let us know.You can view our full study on just how much it would cost if our groceries were to take a house price-sized hike on our blog.

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