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7 Things to Consider when Relocating

If you’re thinking about relocating for any reason; you can’t make a snap decision. Never mind selling your own home, you need to research the area you’re looking at in serious depth for some key features of the location:Education If you have children, you’ll need to look at the schools and colleges in the area to be certain their education won’t be at risk thanks to your relocation. Information on schools is available thanks to OFSTED results and most schools publish their students results data for parents to look over.Transport Whether you drive or not, transport is going to be very important to your daily life. If you move to an area unsuitable for your 4x4, you’ll have difficulty driving it or selling it in the locality. The same applies to bus, train and taxi options if you don’t drive – if you can’t access the features of the local area then why move there?Entertainment For children and adults alike, entertainment options are crucial to a happy life. If you love films, you can’t move to an area that has no cinema. Love fine dining? Don’t move to an area with bad tripadvisor ratings. Make a list of your interests and research the options in the locales you’re looking at.Friends/Relatives Relocating can be tough as far as making friends is concerned. If you know no-one in a new area, you can find your life becomes very secluded, very quickly. You can’t rely on your work colleagues as friends all the time. Equally, you have to decide if it is worthwhile moving a long distance from your relatives – you only get one family!Religion A tricky subject at times but if you have a strong belief in your faith then you’ll need a place of worship in your new vicinity. Information is available via a number of websites to highlight where various churches and other places of worship are located – you don’t want to be stuck miles away from the nearest one now do you?Employment If you work in a particular sector or provide a certain service, you need to be assured of employment before you make the move to a new area. A certain set of skills may be useful in your current locality but you could find yourself struggling in a different region – check job listings regularly to try and get a grasp of the available market.Facilities Supermarkets, shopping outlets, dining opportunities etc are all important to your day to day life and if you’ve gotten used to having a lot of these facilities on your doorstep, you’ll find it hard to adapt to an area where they aren’t. For example, if you have gotten used to having a shop on the corner of your street – a move to an area that relies on supermarkets is a bad decision.

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