Property News > 15 million Brits have no provision for saving

15 million Brits have no provision for saving

A recent report suggested that the UK has now descended to the bottom of the international league when it comes to planning financially for their retirement.But, a new study has discovered that short of looking to the future, many of us are not even saving for the current time in case anything should happen to go wrong.Some of the largest outgoings can be unexpected, yet a report from Scottish Widows showed that the number of house buyers who are not putting away something for the future now amounts to 15 million of the adult population, with some 31 per cent of all Brits making no effort to put extra funds away.In addition to this, a worrying 17 per cent of people have no savings to their name at all. These are putting themselves at real risk of falling into severe difficulties with their money, with debts likely to accrue if they should happen to meet with a particularly large and unexpected cost they just cannot avoid.Such outgoings sneak up on us, and include the likes of a car failing its MOT. For most of the population, doing without a vehicle is just an option, so we have to fork out for exhausts, new clutches, or whatever happens to have gone wrong.Similar large spends can emerge with such things as security deposits when having to move into rental accommodation, damage to the home and subsequent repair costs, among many other issues.Even for those who are putting money away in their accounts for the future, the majority report that it is particularly difficult to save enough for what they might need."People clearly recognise the importance of saving something towards their future financial wellbeing, which is encouraging. The importance of building a safety net for themselves and their families is a priority, with 63 per cent of people reporting that they managed to save some money in the last 12 months. However, just a quarter of those people believed they were saving enough to meet their long-term needs; with a further 37 per cent saying they would definitely not be achieving this goal," said Iain McGowan, head of savings and investments at Scottish Widows.So just how can you make sure that you have enough in your account to see yourself feeling secure and clear from the financial precipice?One of the key things you can do is to look at where you can make savings. Are you paying too much for insurance or your bills? If so, when you decide to switch to a new financial product, why not stick the extra funds that you have straight into the bank.This will quickly build up and give you a decent financial level from which to begin, allowing you the security in your monetary health that may have been little more than a pipe dream in the past.Having a substantial nest egg is a goal that we all have, yet it can be hard to attain. It is something that you can achieve though by selling your house to Property Rescue, allowing you immediate stability and giving you the funds that you have always needed.

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