Why Sell & Rent Back? Through Rent Back Experts, a trading style of Property Rescue Ltd, we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to arrange and advise on rent back business. Our firm’s reference number is 522471. We want you to make an informed decision and we actively encourage our clients to consider the alternative to Sell and Rent Back, so please refer to the alternative options further down this page.

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As some homeowners struggle with immediate expenses, if you opt for our non-rent back sale option, we can offer an upfront and interest free cash advance once contracts are exchanged. The payment is made through the solicitors and is a further sign of our financial commitment.

The alternative to Sell & Rent Back

It is important to us that all our clients make the best decision for their circumstances and themselves. Both our options offer free valuations, no legal fees and no costs but the reasons detailed below may change your mind on Selling and Renting Back your property.


Debt Elimination

Our Home Buying Experts have helped clients eliminate up to 80% of their unsecured debts after their fast house sale by releasing equity and providing a fresh start. While we don’t offer debt advice, we can put you in touch with Debt Specialists to help with the stress of managing any creditors you may have. It’s all part and parcel of the Property Rescue service.

Whichever option you choose, a house sale is never far away. Click here to contact us for a free valuation and same day offer.

Higher Offers

All Sell and Rent Back organisations have incurred extra processes, procedures and costs since the regulation was put in place by the former FSA. Unfortunately, this regulation has impacted upon how much Sell and Rent Back firms can offer you for your home.

By moving out of the property upon completion of the sale and renting alternative property locally, you could receive up to 10% more from the sale of your home, equating to thousands of pounds more. Whether you were initially looking to rent back your property to relieve financial pressure or simply looking to release the equity in your home, don’t sell yourself short; maximise the gains from your house sale.

A Fresh Start

As cash is available to you quickly and any creditors are now off your back; moving to a new property could provide the fresh start you need. Instead of being a tenant in your old house, you could move to a newly refurbished property that meets all your requirements.

It is understandable that staying in the same area, or even the same estate, may be important to you and your family once your house is sold. If this is the case, we can help you find a new place to rent within the same locality.

Refusal of Housing Benefit

Clients who opt for the Sell and Rent Back option are not eligible for housing benefit. As the property was previously your own, Housing Benefit is not a viable option as you remain in the same place. You will be eligible should you move to another property you didn’t previously own, subject to fulfilling all Housing Benefit criteria.

Our Relocation Team

As part of the Sell House Fast process, our in-house Relocation Team will consult with you to help find a new home that suits your needs. We handle everything, from property searches to removals, and take away all the stress of moving. We even handle the packing of your items and disposal of items you no longer want.

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